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Women's Counselling

Crisis / Short Term

The Short Term Counsellor provides individual counselling to support clients of Minwaashin Lodge and Oshki Kizis Lodge, using contemporary and traditional healing practices.

The Short Term Counsellor’s direct services would include: conducting intakes and assessments to determine the needs and circumstances of each individual woman; offering crisis intervention counseling to walk in and scheduled clients; exploring past and present coping strategies with the goal of developing new coping skills; strengthening existing ones, and eliminating those that are harmful to self and others; to minimize further crisis situations and to identify natural and formal support systems to achieve goals.

For intakes and referrals please contact our receptionist at 613-741-5590 and she will refer you to a crisis counsellor.

Our current counsellors are Elaine, Cara, and Rose.


Addictions / Long Term 


For more information, please call: Storm
Phone: 613-741-5590 Ext. 222 

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