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Sacred Child Program

this a picture that says I am a sacred child

The Sacred Child Program is a culturally-based program focusing on the holistic needs of children ages 0-6 years. Our goal is to recognize, enhance and celebrate the value and importance of the family and the roles of children. Our program consists of:

  • Positive Native Parenting for Caregivers

  • Parental Relief of 1 hour maximum for clients in counselling session

  • Effects of family violence on children who witness violence

  • Team building for children

  • Building positive self-esteem through arts & crafts

  • Developing greater listening and communication skills through storytelling

  • Social skills (being helpers, sharing, responsibilities, being safe)

The program is available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am - 5pm. We follow a calendar of teachings that are designed to enhance the lives of the children and families. Activities include medicine walks, drumming, regalia making, fun & games, ceremonies, feasts, visits from storytellers and Elders, and arts & crafts

Spirit Movers and Fire Keepers Youth Program

This program provides youth with the awareness, knowledge, information and teachings about Aboriginal culture, and promotes and initiates the development of healthy friendships and relationships with other youth. The program supports and provides at-risk Aboriginal youth with ties to their culture through sacred teachings and by promoting holistic healing. In doing so, we are able to promote links between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations and services in the context of a community framework of healing.

  • Provision of a program of support and advocacy which balances the needs of the mind, body, and spirit, to develop, maintain and promote healthy lifestyles

  • Provide youth with opportunities to develop pride and respect for their Aboriginal culture

  • Promoting healthy peer relationships between youth through positive role-modeling, teachings and social activities

  • Promote links and establish connection between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, agencies and organizations that provide service to youth in the Ottawa area

  • Encourage and facilitate the healing of relationships between youth and their families of origin and extended families. Maintaining on-going contact with incarcerated youth, to provide friendship, Aboriginal teachings and traditional ceremonies.

For more information, contact Kateri at

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