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Due to extreme allergies, please remember to be scent-free when visiting Minwaashin Lodge

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Oshki Kizis Lodge 
Women's Shelter

woman comforting another woman

Counselling Services

Many of the difficulties faced by our clients are the result of the Residential School legacy and the intergenerational impacts.  Counselling occurs within the context of cultural beliefs and values to ensure a holistic approach is used as part of the healing journey. 

a picture of a smudge bowl with a bundle of sage in it

Culture Program

Women of all ages come to our lodge to learn about their culture and identity. Many women are coming back to the circle and the drum. Women are gathering teachings, sacred items, stories and songs to put in their medicine bundles. 

a picture of a stack of books with a journal and pen beside it

Employment Readiness

The Employment Readiness Program is modeled on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. It is a traditional, Aboriginal program to find meaningful work and/or training. This program is making a difference and continues to be one of Minwaashin's strongest programs.

picture says I am a Sacred Child

Manager of Sacred Child/Youth programs

The Sacred Child Program is a culturally-based program focusing on the holistic needs of children ages 0-6 years. We also have the Spirit Keepers and Movers for Youth.

this is a picture of the Street Out Reach Mobile van

(Street Team Out Reach Mobile)

The STORM team is available to assist women involved in the sex trade.  The outreach team can assist women with immediate medical, safety and shelter needs. 

this is a picture of a woman hugging a child

Transitional Support and Housing Program

The Transitional Support and Housing Program helps women find shelter and housing for herself and her children.

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