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Culture Program

The Culture Program continues to be the strong medicine wheel of our Centre.  When Minwaashin Lodge was founded in 1993 we were committed to providing a safe place where women could start on their healing journeys and a place where they could reclaim their Indigenous identity. We needed our elders to help us to do that.  This past year has been a very busy and productive one for our lodge. Some highlights of this year include:


  • Full Moon Ceremonies

  • Traditional Elder Speakers

  • Traditional Cooking

  • Bannock Doll Making

  • Legends and storytelling

  • Tradition basket making

  • Tee Pee Teachings

  • Sweat Lodge Teachings

  • Beading workshops

  • Impacts of Addictions & Culture Paths to Living Addiction Free

  • New Beginnings - An Experience Thru Art Therapy

Women of all ages come to our lodge to learn about their culture and identity. Many women are coming back to the circle and the drum. Women are gathering teachings, sacred items, stories and songs to put in their medicine bundles. It is our responsibility to keep the circle strong for our nations. We are the protectors of the water and Mother Earth. We are the life-givers and teachers for our next seven generations.


We accept any woman wherever she is in her healing journey. We invite you to come sit with us in our lodge and start a good journey.

this is a picture of a woman smudging

Please visit our Soft Moccasin Woman Creation website  - click on image

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