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Street Team Outreach Mobile

The Street Team OutReach Mobile, STORM, team is available to assist women who are street involved with immediate harm reduction, safety planning, crisis interventions, and community referrals. STORM also serves women at-risk at becoming homeless and/or street involved.


The STORM street outreach team provides:

· Emergency transportation to medical facilities, detox centers, homeless and VAW shelters, and other locations deemed appropriate

· Crisis interventions, referrals and information to community supports (legal aid, soup kitchens, support groups, housing, walk-in clinics for medical and mental first aid, cultural programs)

· Basic harm reductions: brown bag lunches, hygiene products, clothing, condoms (male, female, dental dams), stems, needles, meth pipes, needle dispensaries, and basic first aid.

· Information and education on health issues (HIV/AIDS, STIs, party safe tips)


STORM Team 2:

10am-9pm FRI-SUN



STORM Team 1:

4pm-11:30pm WED-FRI




4pm-11:30pm SAT-MON


a picture of sunset taken from a city street
this is a picture of traffic in the evening
this is a picture of a woman on a cell phone
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