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Children's Counselling

this is a picture of children and adults hands doing art together

We currently have two counselling programs for children

Children Who Witness (CWW) Program

The CWW program provides culturally based talk and play therapy for First Nations, Metis and Inuit children, between the ages of 3 and 12, who have witnessed violence or are victims of abuse. Children use toys, art materials, sand tray and role-plays to express thoughts and feelings, helping them to understand violence and the cycle of violence, healthy expressions of anger, explore separation and self- esteem issues and participate in safety planning.

Play Therapist Annie Kingston Miller, RSW
Phone:(613) 741-5590 ext 263

Art Therapy

Children learn through art and play. When difficulties arise in a child’s life, such as bullying, violence in the home or separation from loved ones, it may become a challenge for children to continue to develop as they normally would. Children may present their difficulties with aggression, inability to concentrate and listen at home or school, or withdrawal from pleasurable activities. Art Therapy is a process of communication and expression through art-making. Through the use of drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and play, children learn to express and experience their emotions and work through their personal concerns. With the help of the art therapist, children are encouraged to find their own understanding and personal meaning to their artwork. The objectives of the art expression program are to facilitate communication, expression of the child’s inner world, promote normal development and to improve coping skills in order to ease a child’s wellbeing.

Angela Jeffrey-Martincich., M.ed, R.P. Art Therapist and Child Counsellor

(613) 741-5590 x 231 

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