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Full Spectrum Doula Services

Aunties on the Road provides full-spectrum doula support to Indigenous youth (12-30) living on traditional Algonquin and Mohawk territories in Eastern Ontario. Building on the traditional role of aunties in Indigenous communities, Indigenous doulas centers traditional and spiritual practices and beliefs associated the full-spectrum of pregnancy experiences, including abortion, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and stillbirth, as well as puberty and menstruation, in providing emotional, physical and spiritual support to Indigenous youth. Recognizing that Indigenous youth face multiple levels of oppression in accessing care associated with sexual and reproductive health, doulas also act as powerful advocates and allies, to ensure the rights and wishes of Indigenous youth are respected and honoured in these systems. To connect with a doula, please contact:

Aunties on the Road

c/o Minwaashin Lodge: Indigenous Women’s Support Centre

613-741-5590 ext. 102

Each year we offer an Indigenous full-spectrum doula training. To be added to our mailing list email 


Funding from the Youth Opportunities Fund, Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project and Inspirit Foundation’s Changeup Grant support this initiative.


Check out our website or Facebook or Instagram pages to learn more.

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