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First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Resources

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Gignul Non-Profit Housing Corporation 
Gignul Non-Profit Housing Corporation is committed to a holistic and comprehensive approach to housing that includes both those Aboriginal people at risk of losing their housing, or those who are currently homeless.  Gignul, working in partnership with other Aboriginal organizations, focuses on both short and long term solutions, including supportive shelters to affordable, independent living.

Kagita Mikam Aboriginal Training and Services  
Kagita Mikam was established to provide a cooperative working relationship with all Aboriginal First Nations, organizations and associations within the service catchment area.  This cooperative working relationship will ensure that the employment and training needs of the aboriginal people in the area will be addressed.  Kagita Mikam is attempting to increase the skill level of aboriginal people to find permanent employment. 

Love You Give Video

Love You Give is a dynamic hip hop music video developed by and for Inuit, Métis and First Nation youth to prevent violence and promote healthy equal relationships. Hip hop music is often seen more as a contributor to youth violence than as a solution. But when fused with traditional Inuit, Métis and First Nation teachings and inspired by the hopes and fears of Aboriginal youth looking for ways to avoid getting caught up in the cycle of violence, the results are pure magic.

Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start Inc. 
Aboriginal Head Start is a federal program funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. It is a comprehensive program to provide early interventions to First Nations, Métis and Inuit children. It includes the protection and promotion of all Aboriginal cultures and languages, education, health promotion, nutrition, social support systems and parental involvement.

Métis Nation of Ontario
The Métis Nation of Ontario is proud of its achievements in establishing and pushing a Métis specific agenda in Ontario. The MNO has made great strides for Métis through its pursuit of Métis hunting and fishing rights, human resource development and training, Métis bursary and scholarship programs, and the development of a Métis self-governance structure within Ontario.

National Aboriginal Health Organization
The National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) is an Aboriginal-designed and -controlled body committed to influencing and advancing the health and well-being of Aboriginal Peoples by carrying out knowledge-based strategies.

Native Women's Association of Canada 
The Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations and Métis women within First Nation, Métis and Canadian societies.  NWAC is an aggregate of thirteen Native women's organizations from across Canada and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1974. Much like a "Grandmother's Lodge", we as aunties, mothers, sisters, brothers and relatives collectively recognize, respect, promote, defend and enhance our Native ancestral laws, spiritual beliefs, language and traditions given to us by the Creator.

Odawa Native Friendship Centre 
The Odawa Native Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization serving the Aboriginal community in the Ottawa-Carleton Region of Eastern Ontario and surrounding communities.  The Odawa Native Friendship Centre opened its doors to the community in August 1975. The Aboriginal population has grown in the Ottawa community and we have expanded our services to meet their needs. We are an organization which offers various programs and services to people of all ages and where "Everyone Is Welcome".

Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre
The purpose of the Sivummut Head Start Program is to enhance the overall development of Inuit preschool children; strengthen positive parenting through support and education; and promote the retention of the Inuit culture and language.

Time To Shine Video 
The Healthy Relationships Peer Education Project, created by the Inuit youth during the March Break Leadership Training Program, is a music video that fuses throat-singing and drum dancing with rap and hip hop.

The Inuit Youth Leaders have had a busy and creative summer. On June 23, they held a one-day youth camp for 60 young Inuit aged eight to 14. Under the guidance of Inuk Elder Sally Armstrong, they talked about Inuit teachings and healthy relationships. To prepare for the music video, traditional drum-dancer Ernie taught drum dancing skills, Madeleine Okalik taught hip hop skills, and Janice Oolayou and Charlotte Carleton taught throat singing skills.

Tungasuvvingat Inuit Urban Inuit Community Centre
Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) aims at empowering and enhancing the lives of Inuit residing in Ontario. Since 1987, TI has been operating in Ottawa as a community-based counselling and resource centre.  TI offers a supportive environment that attempts to duplicate the community spirit and cultural surrounding of the Inuit homelands. Visitors at the drop-in centre can make tea and bannock; catch up on news from home by reading northern newspapers, and socialize with other Inuit. 

Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health
The main purpose of the Centre is to create and deliver services that will prevent ill health, treat illness and provide support and aftercare. Services will be offered in a culturally-sensitive way that welcomes, accepts and represents all Aboriginal people(s). 

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