Canadian Housing Equality Resources Advocate's Guide

The goal of the CHER website is to provide housing workers and advocates across Canada with information and tools to enable them to overcome - using a human rights framework - the barriers that keep people from accessing and retaining adequate housing.

Family Services Ottawa

Strong, healthy and stable families, in all their forms, nurture and care for each other and contribute to the larger community.  But at times, family can be a source of disappointment or even danger.  The Family Advocacy Program helps to create conditions that help all families create or maintain stability when times are difficult.

Non-Profits and Policy Advocacy: Learning from Success (ESPC)

This document, published by the ESPC in 2009, is a review of successful non-profit policy advocacy practices. Using case studies and examples from Alberta, Canada, and internationally, this guide outlines how and why non-profits should participate in policy advocacy, and breaks down some of the key features of successful policy advocacy efforts. The appendices contain further policy advocacy resources and contact information for policy advocacy coalitions working on a variety of campaigns.

Nonprofit Library Commons - Public Policy and Advocacy Guides for Nonprofit Organizations

Imagine Canada’s online library contains a selection of resources focused on non-profit advocacy and public policy.

The Art of Advocacy: A Handbook for Non-profit Organizations

Published by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET) and Habitat for Humanity, this handbook acts as a ‘how-to’ guide to advocacy. It includes tips on starting an advocacy campaign, creating legislative strategy, writing letters, and working with the media.

Rural Communities Impacting Policy handbook

The Rural Communities Impacting Policy was a six-year rural advocacy initiative in Nova Scotia. The handbook includes information on defining a problem and analyzing the root causes, generating solutions, and putting a plan in action.

The Change Agency

This Australia-based activist resource centre offers a rich selection of online courses, workshops, publications, toolkits, and other resources on strategic activism, evaluation, advocacy and community building.   

The Voluntary Sector Initiative

The Initiative has developed a guide for working with the federal government entitled Participating in Federal Public Policy: A Guide for the Voluntary Sector, which includes the articles: 
- What is public policy and why is it important to become involved?
- Navigating the system and rules (federal government)
- Implementing your strategy
- Stages of the public policy process
- Sample policy issues
- Internet Resources and websites